SWCM Series Multi-grade Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

This device is applicable to treat the sewage,which means human body wastes and the wastes from the toilets on vessels and which is also called  “black water”,to meet the effluent standards of IMO?shower drainage which is called “grey water” on condition that the “grey water” is pretreated and there should select a bigger capacity model to match with.

This device has obtained two items of Authorized Patent and one item of practical new patent,meanwhile has passed product type approval test by CCS,the type approval number:NJ09T00025and furture USCG Certificate in 2010.

1?      Adopting horizontal circular design,ellipse closrues on both ends,prdssure resistance and compact structure.

2?      The device is adopted auto-control,and compliance with the requirement of 24-hours unattended cabin.

3?      Adopting the “MBR”technology,devices allow to the narrow size,and solve the conflict of small space of cabin,but big volume of device.

4?      The intermittent aeration in bio-membrane tank and hollow fiber membrane tank,form the process of “aerobic-anoxic”,and resolve the problem of “nitrogen and phosphorus removal”.

5?      The device is adopting the principle of “air-lifting”to rtansfer the sludge from sediment tank and membrane tank to aeration tank,meantimes the “pump stops and air never stopped”,so as the scale on the membrane surface comes down.Due to back flushing and clean the membrane “online” usd technology patent ,so the life of membrane can be prolonged at least 8 to 9years.

6?      “On-line” cheaning techonlogy,making the dirt on membrane off automatically,recover membrane flux.It can be solved the problem of opening the cleaning or replacement of membrane difficultly caused by the small space in cabin

7?      The effluent after further treatment can be reached at the requirement of “water recovery”.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: SWCM50
Brand Name: Hangyu

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