Fire-fighting equipment

Product Inspection Standard: Requirements of the International Code for Fire Safety Systems and GA124-2004.
Ordinal NO. Name Technical Amount Remark
1 Heat-insulation suit It is constructed by an aluminum foil compound flame-resisting material; The raise of inner temperature of the suit is not higher than 25 degree after it is shined 30 seconds by a 10kw/m heat radiator. 1 set It consists of jacket, pants, foot cover, glove and CCS certificate
2 Self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing The air cylinder operation pressure is 30 MPa 1 set A CCS certificate and a quality certificate
3 Flame-resisting life-saving line 40m 1 set A CCS certificate and a quality certificate
4 Explosion-proof lamp The minimum light period of 3 hours. 1 set A CCS certificate and a quality certificate
5 Axe High-voltage insulation 1 set
6 Rigid helmet It can effectively protect against impact and stabbing. 1 set
7 Boots of rubber Slip-proof, stab-proof, and acid and alkali-resistant 1 pair
8 Safety Belt 1 set

Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Hangyu

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