portable explosion-proof lamp


DF series portable explosion-proof lamp is combine by high strength material ,high energy battery and high quality light bulb;it is widely used in marine ship,police fire-fighting ,custom,airports, power supply apartment and liquid gas station,oil refinery and so on kinds of flammable,explosive locations for emergency lighting and spare lighting as patrolling and overhaul. It is provided with the function of explosive proof,moisture proof,quake proof.
(1)high reliability:outer cover of the lamp is manufactured by high intensity composite materials, the all connection parts inner lamp are adopted sea processing by special glue, and the lamp should not have any damage as accidental fall or collision.
(2)Economical ,practical and convenienct: the lamp is adopted high energy battery which can be circularly recharged for about 100times,local action(self-recharge)are less than 3% of rated capacity per month. The lamp can be normally used after deposited for 6 months, the light bulb is equipped with a highlight and week light bulbs can be automatic focus and can be used for about 450 hours. The lamp is provide with the functions of holding ,shoulder carring and waist carring.the DF-4B type lamp is still equipped with a hat lamp which can be up and down rotated, convenient to use and manufactured fine. Service life is about 3 years; the all technical specification have reached at national advance level.

Product Origin: China
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Brand Name: Hangyu

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